Two Week Road Trip

May means showers, mowing the lawn, outside chores and spring cleaning.  However, it also means graduations.  We have two nieces graduating with the Class of 2018.

Our nieces graduating by itself is great and wonderful.  With one in Oklahoma and one in Georgia, it is going to be a 2799 mile roundtrip.  This means that we are in the car for 14 days.  Yes, you read that right, 14 days.

We have a Kia Optima and my husband is 6’2″ and we will be taking two dogs, and our daughter N.  Our oldest will join us in Georgia with his girlfriend and join in the festivities.

Congratulations to all the graduating class of 2018.

Thus comes the travel planning nightmare.  Since we will be going through Cincinnati, OH we are going to stop overnight and see Rob’s Aunt. It is about the half way point to Oklahoma so its is a perfect overnight place to stay.

We originally wanted to make it a great road trip to stop and see different places along the way, however, we are now on a tighter time line so I am trying to add as many sights as we can.

The Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta is a must see if you want to see and taste the different types of Coke around the world. At least it had that when we visited many years ago with the boys, but our daughter N has never been.

Homeschool for the year has more or less ended for us, but we will be working on homeschooling while on the road.  N wants to take some of the work we have planned for next year, and then she will collect different items from our trip and make a scrapbook or smash book of sorts for an Art project and a visual aid for next years review.

So, come along and see how we plan, pack, what we do on the road trip and more.

Until next time, Butterfly hugs,



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