Top 10 Items for Surgery Recovery

Hip Surgery…OUCH!!

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Caring for someone who has had a hip replacement or back surgery? Or are you preparing for hip replacement surgery yourself? Take a look at these helpful tips and tools that will be beneficial in your recovery.

My mom had her hip replaced this week.   While she is doing well, I thought I would share a few items that are crucial to recovery.  Some of these items I used when I had my back surgery a few months ago also. These are vital for someone who has had surgery.

Tip #1


The first tip is to make sure that you purchase these items BEFORE your surgery. This allows you to get them in place so that you are ready to go when you get home.

Tip #2

A walker. No, unfortunately, a cane will not work with this surgery.   While you can get one that is a pickup and move type of walker, I highly suggest that you have one with wheels, a seat, and a way to carry things.


While there are many different types of walkers on the market, this one allows you to sit in the seat and move without having to walk if you have to. A wheelchair is great to have, but if you need a walker as well, this would allow you to have “both” at the same time.

Tip #3

Keep in mind that a wheelchair is something you may want to borrow or rent from your pharmacy, your local church or even a friend.   Ask around you will be surprised how many people have a wheelchair and walker sitting in their storage areas.


Tip number four is a toilet seat riser. Yes, I said toilet seat. Listen to me, when you have a hip replacement or back surgery, getting all the way down on the toilet seat can be very painful. This is the one that I used:

Make sure that whatever toilet seat you have is at least 5 inches high and it has to have handles. The handles are very helpful in getting up and down off the toilet seat. Double check to see if you need an adapter for an elongated bowl or a round bowl, it may make a difference.

Tip #5

The next thing that you will need is a “grabber” tool. Make sure that your tool has at least a 32” reach, has a way to lock the clamps and that the clamps have suction cups on them. This is important because they will pick up a cell phone when you drop it on the floor.  Ask me how I know.

Tip #6

If you are someone that has an issue with that yucky feeling of not being able to shower or bath, wipes are irreplaceable. It allows you to give yourself a “sponge bath”, wash your hands, clean up spills and messes and lets you feel as if you have some control over things.  While any wipe will do, if you have sensitive skin these are great:

Tip #7

While laying in bed or on the couch, what are you going to do?   Television has become horrible lately and who wants to watch the news, it can be depressing. Stock up on some new movies that you have been wanting to see or binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix.


However, after a while, television can become, well, let’s face it BORING. Run by the Dollar Store and pick up some puzzle books. Crosswords, Sudoku, Word Searches, or anything that will engage your mind without making you stir crazy.

Tip #8

A tablet or laptop is a great way to connect with social media, while I know that a phone is a way to connect as well, the tiny screen can become a strain on your eyes. A tablet or laptop allows you to send emails easier and work if you need to.


Tip #9

Books, books, and more books.  How many times do we say, “when I get time”? Well, now is the time.  Load up your Kindle or Ipad and read, read and read.


Tip #10

Do not be afraid to ask for help.  If you are like me, asking for help is difficult.  Friends want to help, ask them to make you a meal, run errands, or even do a load of laundry.  Trust me every friend will want to help.


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