Plans = No Plans

What happens when you have plans that you think are set in stone and then calamity happens?  We have two nieces graduating from high school in the next few weeks.  One is in Oklahoma on a Monday and the other one is in Georgia on Friday of the same week. Then to top it all off hubby wants to drive it.

So plans began.  I had been planning the Georgia graduation with my sister for over a year.  The Oklahoma graduation came up in the last week. YIKES!  So I hurried and put a plan together and had everything planned out.

Have you seen the cost of a hotel lately?  During our 3,000 miles round trip, we were looking to spend just under $4,000 total.  Between hotel, food, gas, and possibly renting a bigger car, (let’s face it a Kia Optima with 3 people and a dog…).

Then we looked at renting an RV.  That was roughly the same price, yet for $4,000 there would be nothing to show for it except the memories.  I am all for the memories, but 4 grand?  When hubby and I finally sat down and discussed our pros and cons, at this time, we had made a decision to go ahead because you only see graduations once right?

THEN… one of my teeth broke, a molar, so I went to my dentist and she put a temporary fix until I got back from vacation.  While I was there I asked her to look at a bump on my gum that had been bothering me for a week or so.  Guess what the root canal “temp fix” she did last year was infected and dying. I need another permanent root canal.

This was on Wednesday.  Friday of the same week, I realized that my temporary fix was gone and the tooth had broken even more.  On Monday I went to the orthodontist and had him look at my broken tooth.  While he does not do “Temp” fixes, he could fix it, BUT it really needs a root canal.  Ok, so that is two root canals.


Then he started looking at my other tooth, mind you, they are on two opposite sides of my mouth.  He starts poking around and spraying cold on my teeth, and when I almost jump out of the chair, he tells me that he sees the problem on that side, but there are TWO teeth that need to be fixed, not just one.  WHAT!!!!!!


While I thought we would then schedule the work to be done, he tilts me back in the chair and begins to do one of the root canals. WOW!  Awesome right?  No waiting and anxiety about having something done that many people say are very painful. This doctor just got right to work.


Ok, so back to the vacation, hubby and I sat down last night looked at our vacation fun and emergency fund and my teeth are going to cost us out of pocket up front almost $2,000.  This is before insurance and may be less, but we need to plan on that amount.

We discussed me flying to Georgia and going alone, which would have been cheaper, but we had already paid for our Airbnb house we will be renting while in Georgia.  It was cheaper than a hotel.  Cancelations this close to the date would have cost us half the fee.  That was several hundred dollars down the drain.


So we amended our plans, thankfully we were able to change our dates on the rental and was refunded several days of the fee.  We are now only going to Georgia, and will hopefully plan a longer trip to Oklahoma later in the year, another niece is getting married in September so we are going to try and combine visits.

Overall, while the trip is not going as planned, we are still supporting our nieces on their graduation days, and I could not be a prouder aunt.  These ladies have worked hard and deserved their day in the sun, so to speak.

So, while planning is a great way to be prepared, sometimes things pop up and we have to be able to go with the flow of things.  Emergencies arise and we can never know exactly what and when they will, but being willing to change at the last minute is something we all have to work on.

Well, that’s all for now, until next time.

Butterfly hugs,



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