P-Mails– Better than e-mail!

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately and feel that God has led me to share some of the things I am learning from my studies about a deeper relationship with Him.  When I heard about this concept, a personal relationship with God, a few months ago, I was completely ready to find out more about this.

I have prayed since I was a younger child, and gave my life to Christ, but it seemed that I would send up P-mails (prayer mail) to God and go about my merry way.  I had never heard the idea of having a personal relationship with Him and becoming closer to Him, as in having a new best friend.

Since I have been home out of work for an injury, to begin with, and now that my position was downsized, I am homeschooling our daughter N.  In the morning, we still get up at the same time and instead of spending an hour and a half getting her ready for the bus, we now spend that hour with God and some great preaching on television.  There are some wonderful sermons on You Tube as well.  However, I just heard about a new sight called God Tube.  I am downloading it to my iPad as I type.

Another website, much like Netflix, is Pure Flix, and let me just say I wish I had known about this much earlier.  I am so grateful that God showed me this channel since it is all faith based and wonderful.  It is so great not to have to worry if it is appropriate for my family.

I am loving this time that I can spend with God and my daughter, we are closer now than we have ever been before.  In the beginning, I was upset that I had lost my job, but now I see that it was God’s work and I am so grateful for opportunity to serve Him.  While I am still job hunting, this is giving me the opportunity to follow through on a ministry that I feel God is calling me to do.

I want to share with those who are interested in reading and sharing in this journey, grab your Bible, your favorite beverage, and let’s share this journey together.

I look forward to sharing my journey with new friends and fellow believers.  Until next time.

Butterfly hugs,


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