Hotel, Motel or Airbnb???

Part of our trip we will be just staying overnight, so an Airbnb is really not feasible.  Hotel or motel whatever you call them is the way we are going.

When we stay at a hotel, we always make sure that it has a large breakfast.  My husband’s stipulation is that it has to have a waffle station.  I know, silly right?  But think about it.  Breakfast usually runs us upwards of $30 plus tip.  If we stay at a hotel that offers more than cereal and bagels, we get a great start to our day, and they usually have pretty decent coffee.

So, then I looked at the promotional codes for the hotels, and we are pretty much staying in Hilton hotels.  The Home 2 Suites are my favorite, and I believe we are staying there in Oklahoma.  I prefer a space with a kitchen so we can cook dinner and make lunch in the hotel rooms.  This has saved us so much money in the long run.

We are going to be stopping overnight in Memphis and possibly Birmingham to see Rob’s mom and sister.  So those overnight short trips I won’t be able to cook since as we will be driving. Although…. Nah, we will be too crowded as it is.

So we started prepping for this trip by getting the car serviced, check all the fluids, change the oil, check the brakes, etc.  Then I started thinking about how we are going to get everything we need in the car for two weeks.  The cooler alone will take up almost the entire trunk space.

We can’t really use a cartoon carrier as we have a sunroof that is front and back so that won’t work.  Hubby and I decided that we would put a hitch on the back and we can use (something) to carry the cooler and then I have the trunk space again.

When we normally travel, I almost always over prep.  So this time, I am going to make sure and make a list of everything we need, do a wardrobe capsule, and etc.


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