Listen, Love, Repeat

Hi there again, here I am sitting outside on my deck in Southern Maryland in a balmy 60ish degree weather.  I have my sheets hanging on the line and I am sitting underneath my gazebo that my husband put a new roof on.  I thank God every day for my wonderful and amazing hubby.

This week I am starting a new Bible Study online over at Proverbs 31.  The book is called Listen, Love, Repeat and it was written by Karen Ehman.

The Bible study has a Book, a Study Guide and videos that come with it (they are separate purchases), I ordered the book as a Kindle book and a hard copy of the study guide on Amazon.  I started reading the first two chapters and I am looking forward to completing this study.

This is the second study I have done with Proverbs 31, and I will most likely be doing more.  While we do have Bible study at our local church, I find that having more time to do the study allows me to work at my own pace and I can read deeper and delve into God’s Word at my own pace.


While the study may be over at Proverbs 31, there is so much more that can be learned by trying this study on your own.

Until next time,

Butterfly hugs,


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